3 Ways Custom Closet Organizers Increases Your Storage

It can be easy to overlook the enormous benefits of having custom closets properly designed and installed in your bedroom. If you’re still struggling with a traditional closet – 1 long hanging rod with a top shelf – then you may want to seriously consider getting a closet makeover with unique storage organizers that are available to you.

With a standard closet, it’s very difficult to organize most of your items, such as pants, shoes, handbags, jewelry, boxes, hats, ties, belts and much more. That’s where a custom designed closet system comes in to save the days and years ahead. Here are just a few ways custom closet organizers can maximize your storage potential.

Custom Clothing Rod Positions

The problem with having only 1 hanging rod is that not all of your clothes are the same height; that means you’re wasting a lot of space. When you’re able to have hanging rods at different heights and in different areas, you can have dedicated areas for different types of clothing; for example, dresses, pants and shirts. This customization alone will save plenty of space, especially since you can combine them with other closet shelves and cabinets.

Closet Drawers And Accessories

Drawers are a necessity for a closet and it doesn’t take long to find that out. There are many items that will need their own drawer. The problem with the traditional closets is that you either have to get a chester drawer that’s freestanding outside of your closet or cram it into your closet with your hanging clothes draping all over it. Drawers are great for under garment, socks, pants, or even a custom hamper at the bottom, disguised as a drawer! Whatever your needs, there’s a way to make it happen.

Island for Walk-in Closets

If you’re lucky enough to have a master walk-in closet, then a great way to class it up is to get an island installed in your custom closet that matches the rest of the closet system. They’re great for lining up your drawers and keep the rest the storage organizers as open shelves, clothing rods, etc. This is a great way to utilize the maximize the space in the center of the large walk-in closet.

If you need help with decluttering your closet to help you decide what type of closet design you’d like, L & B Closets from Scottsdale created a Closet Cleanout Task List here.

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