How would you describe your garage? Is it a clean, organized space that serves your home and automotive needs? Or is it more like an overflowing storage unit filled with the relics of your past life and all the items you can’t decide what to do with? If this latter description sounds like your situation, you are not alone. Many homeowners find they can no longer even park their car or work in the garage due to a losing battle with clutter.

The functional garage should be designed with your life in mind, allowing you to easily access the items that provide you frequent utility and pleasure—such as sporting goods, tools, gardening equipement, etc.—while conveniently storing lesser-used items like holiday decorations and seasonal clothing in organized containers. Often, the biggest barrier to achieving this is not time or cost but the emotional challenge of parting with the sentimental memorabilia of the past. And for many homeowners, it is simply overwhelming to know where to begin.

Major D. Clutter is Southern California’s garage specialists. We are a family-owned business whose mission is to help our clients find affordable organization solutions. Our services include a full garage cleaning and re-organization which can be completed in one day in most cases. We also provide storage solutions, flooring, haul offs, and e-bay consignments. Our staff understands the homeowner’s challenge of gaining control of the clutter and we will help you sort, purge, and re-organize your space to achieve the garage you always wanted. Call us today for your free consultation.