Garage Organization can seem overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t mean you have to haul out everything with a junk service right away. There are many organization systems that you can implement into your home garage in order to reach a completely functional, neat and clutter free space. We have the tips you need to clear some clutter in a major way, while setting up organization systems that get your garage in top shape!

Garage DeClutter Tip One: Take Everything Out of the Garage!

Yes, get it all out and onto the driveway! You need to be able to see how much space you have and get the garage cleaned up. Once you move everything out to the driveway, sweep, hose down and let the garage dry. If you have really stained and cracked garage floors, see tip three for epoxy flooring options. Now that everything is out of the garage and you have cleaned the garage floor it is time to start sorting your belongings into neat piles!

garage organization tips for clearing clutter

This is one messy garage! Start your garage organization process by clearing everything out onto the driveway and get to cleaning the inside of garage. : sheknows,com

Garage DeClutter Tip Two: Create a Sorting System for Clutter Clean Out!

Once you have cleared the garage of all your belongings, it is time to start sorting through the mess! There are several sorting techniques you can utilize. You can create donate, keep, recycle, sale and trash piles or if you have other family member’s things, you can sort into piles based on who owns what! The video below is a great source for learning how to sort piles in a quick, efficient manner – without having to call a junk hauling service. Check it out!

Garage DeClutter Tip Three: Start Your Garage Makeover from the Ground Up!

Since you already have everything out of the garage and sorted into organized piles – it would be best to take the opportunity to look at your garage floor. Concrete becomes easily stained, cracked and dirty in the garage; if you are unhappy with the aesthetic look of your garage flooring, an epoxy overlay is a great solution. Epoxy flooring is pretty easy to apply if you want to DIY or you can hire a garage floor expert to perform the process for you. Epoxy is a high shine, slip, stain and spill resistant concrete overlay that is easily maintained. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and durable, so you can get to the dirty work in the garage and not have to worry about ruining the floors!

epoxy garage floors

Epoxy Garage Floors are strong, long lasting and aesthetically appealing. Shine up your garage floors with an epoxy overlay :

Garage DeClutter Tip Four: Create Zoning Areas for Garage Organization

Now that your garage floors are freshly epoxied, it is time to think about what sort of organization system you want to install. Create garage organization zones based on your lifestyle. You can always hire a professional garage organizer to design a zone system for you, but if you’re opting to DIY, take a look at the organization zones for garage storage below.

garage organization zoning areas

Creating garage zones helps with complete organization and makes it easy to store and find your garage necessities :

Garage DeClutter Tip Five: Install Custom Cabinets for Organized Garage Storage

Garage cabinets are the perfect way to manage the functionality and organization within your garage. Wall mounted cabinets, also known as floating cabinets, are your best bet for protecting your belongings from weather damage, pests and moisture because the cabinets are elevated off of the ground. Sleek and streamlined custom cabinets not only enhance the functionality and flow of your garage organization system, they also provide a polished look that will increase your home’s value! Can’t beat that! You can install cabinets yourself or hire a custom cabinet company for perfect garage cabinets guaranteed!

floating garage cabinets

Floating garage cabinets keep you organized and your belongings safe from pests, weather and moisture damage :

Garage DeClutter Tip Six: Implement a Shelving System

Installing shelves in your garage is a smart choice. Garage shelves can be adjustable, adaptable and customized to fit your lifestyle needs. For strong, durable and long lasting garage shelves, we suggest Monkey Bars because they integrate easily into your garage design and work on all walls, even brick and concrete! Check out these garages that have Monkey Bar storage – they look awesome and hold so much stuff!

monkey bars garage storage shelves

Monkey Bars are totally versatile, which makes it easy to customize your garage shelving system to fit your unique lifestyle :

Garage DeClutter Tip Seven: Think Vertical for Garage Storage!

As we mentioned before, it is important to think of garage storage from the ground up. Think vertical when it comes to garage storage and install overhead racks for total organization. Overhead storage systems are wonderful for keeping seasonal items and not so often used items put away. You can even store old family memorabilia with overhead racks, just be sure to use a safe bin or tote that won’t allow moisture in. Use labels to keep track of what is in each bin when working with overhead storage, this way you won’t have to pull everything down and look through tons of boxes to find what you need. Overhead storage offers simplicity and functionality, plus the overhead system saves a ton of space and opens up your garage floor for your car or recreational projects!

overhead storage systems for garage organization

Overhead Storage Racks Are an Easy Solution for Garage Organization :

Garage DeClutter Tip Eight: Create A Mini Mudroom!

A garage mudroom adds personal touch and a great organization space, especially if you have a family. Build your own mudroom systems with compartments for each child in the household to promote organization skills. You can store everything from shoes and backpacks to umbrellas and hats; pretty much anything that is an out the door grab will be better organized with a mini mudroom in your custom garage! Check out these inspiring mudrooms to get an idea of what you would like your garage add-on to look like!

garage mudroom storage

Garage Mudroom Storage is a great way to keep kids organized and add a little personality to your custom garage :

Garage DeClutter Tip Nine: Add Personal Touches!

We work hard to make out homes a reflection of who we are and our unique style; your garage deserves the same love and treatment! Add some personal touches to your garage to really bring out your individuality. You can create a chalkboard writing station on the garage door that goes into the house for fun messages to family members or reminders for yourself. You can even go big and add a flatscreen with a seating area to have man cave appeal! There are a ton of ways to personalize your garage that are easy, just use your creativity and ingenuity!

custom garage design

Add chalkboard to your garage door for fun family messages or reminders for everyone to keep the garage and home organized! Custom Garage designs can be fun!:

Garage DeClutter Tip Ten: Don’t Hesitate to Hire Help!

If all else fails and you still can’t get your garage organized the way you would like after following our tips, call in a professional. You will be helped tremendously by hiring a custom garage designer and organizer. The best garage professionals will even offer a hauling service that recycles, donates and deposits your junk in the most sustainable way possible, so you don’t have to feel bad about your junk going into a landfill!

hauling services for garage organization

Junk hauling services can help you finish your custom garage organization system :

Whatever route you choose to take to get organized try to keep a positive attitude and remember to visualize how great your garage will look when it’s fully organized. You may choose to do everything yourself or hire a garage organization pro that can do the heavy lifting for you; either way you’ll have a beautiful custom garage as your end product!