Kick Clutter Out of Your Life For Good With Our Decluttering Top of the Class Advice!

Prepare Your Body, Prepare Your Mind!

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Power yourself up with these five power tips for home organization. Use these tips to get yourself ready for “first day of school”…well “first day of decluttering” jitters! :

One Step At a Time!

Decluttering your home is not a quick and speedy process. Make sure you tackle one area of your home one section at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed. Begin with one corner of one room and move on from there.

Start By Making Piles to Donate, Sale or Throw Away.

donate clutter to organize closets

Use this infographic to sort through clothes in your drawers and closets. :

Clean As You DeClutter!

Clean up each space and get all the dust out while you are decluttering your home. You will be able to take satisfaction in the open clean spaces you have created to keep motivating yourself to move forward with the clutter cleaning process. Check out these tips on cleaning out and cleaning up!

Install Organization Systems that Match Your Lifestyle.

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The great thing about getting decluttered is finding and installing an organization system that works for you. From closets, kitchens and home garage organization – there are a ton of accessories for organization that you can choose from. :

Use the 25% Rule of Thumb!

Decluttering tips

Try to get rid of at least 25% of things you own. You will feel relieved at how much you can give away and not miss! Challenge Yourself!

Stay Positive and Remember You Are DeStressing through DeCluttering!

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Clutter causes stress. Don’t let it take over or control your life. Stay positive and goal oriented to keep clutter out and stay stress free :

Don’t believe us? Check out this scientific study on stress for yourself!

Once You Declutter, Stay That Way!

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Follow these five rules to keep clutter to a minimum once you get it out! Don’t ruin your progress by bringing in more stuff after you ditch the old stuff! :