Eliminating Your Storage and Organizational Nightmares

Organization is the key to efficient, functional living spaces. But in today’s demanding world, it’s a challenge to divert your time and energy from other important activities. Finding the time and, then, actually getting started are the greatest difficulties facing homeowners with garages that have turned into impossibly huge, dysfunctional and, often, filthy storage closets.

With Major D. Clutter, our expert organizers will quickly and affordably accomplish the results you’ve only dreamed of!

Our Clutter Assault Team will transform your space or garage with our proven “Purge-Sort-Clean-Store” approach. Your schedule and preferences are our primary consideration. Major D. Clutter’s expert installers are the best at their craft and will treat your home with the respect it deserves, leaving it even neater than when they began.

We will help you design an organizing system that works for you. We also offer a variety of services and ideas to help you off-set the cost of getting organized:

Garage Shelving
Garage Cabinets
Overhead Storage
Garage Flooring

We can also help you transform your spaces inside the home into well-organized, functional rooms. Click here to learn more.

Whether it is de-cluttering a space, downsizing, ridding yourself of unused items or wanting to regain control of your home once again, we are here to help.

Don’t delay! Call Major D. Clutter today and get ready to enjoy a simpler, more organized life!

What We Do For You

Major D. Clutter will clean your garage, store what you want to save, and dispose of the rest quickly and without hassles. Whether you’re downsizing, ridding yourself of unused items or desiring a garage you can actually park in, Major D. Clutter is uniquely equipped to help you clear up your storage and organizational problems.

Here’s the 5 step process on how Major D. Clutter can help:

  1. We’ll take everything out of your garage, clean it from top to bottom, and organize your items into defined “zones.”
  2. We’ll determine what shelving, slatwalls, overhead bins, and cabinetry may be necessary to accommodate everything.
  3. We’ll clean, repack or label everything you’re keeping.
  4. We’ll dispose of the unwanted clutter, in most cases, all in one day.
  5. We’ll work with your existing shelves and storage containers or add high quality storage solutions to maximize the available space and get the clutter off the floors.

Major D. Clutter will do it all–mission accomplished!

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