If you are a veteran of home projects, you’ve probably learned by now that sometimes “Do-it-Yourself” means “Never-Get-Done”. Consider the growing problem of clutter in many homes and garages. Despite the volume of books, magazine articles, and organizing systems devoted to helping homeowners and renters overcome this common complaint, many continue to face a losing battle against clutter. In fact, many times these products simply end up in a closet or corner of the garage contributing to the problem they were intended to fix.

So when is it time to call in the experts? If you find yourself already owning a collection of bins, trays, baskets, cubes, hooks, shelves, etc., and are still frustrated by the mess, you may be ready for professional assistance. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to get organized for a while but just don’t have the time or know-how to begin such a big project. If either sounds like your situation, then Major D. Clutter is the perfect solution.

Our expert Clutter Assault Team will transform your space or garage with our tactical organizing methods of purge-sort-clean-store. We are a full-service provider offering additional products and services such as professionally installed cabinets and storage systems, flooring, and recycling and disposal.  One of our most popular and affordable products is the innovative Monkey Bars storage system, an ideal solution for eliminating piles of tools, sporting goods, camping gear and other equipment from the floor of your garage.

If our home organization services sound like you could use but you are concerned about the cost in today’s economy, you may discover it is more affordable than you think. That is because we offer cost-saving measures like an eBay consignment service to help you off-set the expense. In some cases, our clients have actually made money back after receiving our service. All of our products and services are competitively priced because our mission is to help our clients find easy and affordable organizing solutions for their home and garage.  We know that the mess is often holding people back from enjoying a better life, so we want to help our clients achieve their “inner peace” one clean garage at a time.

So what are you waiting for? Call Major D. Clutter to schedule your free personalized consultation and quote today.