Garage storage gets messy with tons of lifetime clutter. Our buddies at Northland Custom Closets and Garages have the right idea with their article “Maximum garage efficiency” will work to optimize We can help you declutter the garage and get organized with the following six tips. First check out the article below, by clicking the photo to get an idea of things you can throw away right now in your home (we suggest recycling or donating) – this should help you get motivated about tackling the garage!

home organization

Check out these 21 items that you can do without for a kickstart on your home organization project! Throw them out, recycle or donate accordingly! :


Clutter Busting Tip One: Purge, Purge Purge!

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage – the first step to clear clutter is to purge. Have a goal in mind to get rid of at least ten things in each area you are clearing out, this will help you know your goal and keep it! If you find yourself holding on to sentimental items, let them go or up-cycle them into something that you will actually use!

home organization

Purging feels great for home organization! :


Clutter Busting Tip Two: If You Decide to Keep Something – Make Sure It Is Useful!

…or at least beautiful! Holding onto art, sculptures or beautiful expressions that represent your personal style are okay to an extent. If you just cannot let go of that painting your friend gave you, display it somewhere great! There are so many times when we love something but keep it stashed in the closet or garage, this even goes for family photos! Use it and put it out there for people to see, so you can actually feel good about holding onto it!

closet organization and home decor

If you can’t part with something, at least make sure it has a purpose or is decorative. Get art on the walls and showcase your style :


Clutter Busting Tip Three: Let Go of the Guilt of Letting Go!

“You may still be holding back from getting rid of items because of a guilty conscious.” You may be thinking, “My mother gave me this or I feel bad getting rid of something I barely ever used.” Get rid of the guilt! You should not feel guilt over objects. How can that old rug or lamp hidden in the closet cause you guilt or make you do something you don’t want to do? Items cannot do this! So take control with another verb and DECLUTTER!

Clutter and guilt

No item or belonging should cause you guilt. if you feel remorseful or guilty about getting rid of something…it probably really means that it is definitely clutter and you are holding on for the wrong reason.


Clutter Busting Tip Four: Involve the Whole Family!

If you live in a household with other people or your family members, get them involved in conquering clutter too! You can make it into a competition and reward whoever can get rid of the most stuff. Make a routine of this and your house will be clutter free in no time flat! Use some of these family games as example!

home organization conquer clutter

Make a plan for the whole family to conquer clutter and get your home organized quicker! :


Clutter Busting Tip Five: Create a Mantra and Stick To It!

Remind yourself of why you are clearing clutter! Over and over, repeat your reasons to yourself. You might even want to create a board or poster to look at when in times of doubt! Yell it, scream it shout! Keep up the cleanse and purify your space by getting the clutter out!

clutter clean out for home organization

Use a mantra similar to this and you will be through your clutter in no time!


Clutter Busting Tip Six: Hire a Junk Removal Service With Organization Specialists!

Once you get most of the clutter out of drawers, cabinets, closets, your garage, etc. you can either haul it off to recycle or hire someone to do the job for you. Professional junk haulers will donate, trash or sell your stuff for you – so you can just relax and enjoy a clutter free home! You can even find a junk removal company that also specializes in organization, so you can take care of two birds with one stone!

home organization and storage solutions

Companies like Major D. Clutter can help you get organized and haul your junk. They will help you install custom cabinets and storage solutions for your home!